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Split pea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yellow split pea is the main ingredient of the Iranian food "khoresh gheymeh", which is served on the side of white rice in Iranian cuisine.


Are split peas the same thing as peas that come in the pod?

Peas as pulse come from field peas and are less sweet than garden peas. Split peas are a variety of field peas that split in half when dried.


The Difference Between Dried Peas and Green Peas | eHow

Green peas and dried peas are actually two forms of the same thing: the pea plant, scientifically known as Pisum sativum. The dried pea is a naturally ...


Relationship between split pea and green pea

Thank you for your inquiry. In fact, the split pea and the green pea are one in the same. The split pea can be either a green pea or a yellow pea.

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