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Daphne - Portland Nursery

DAPHNE. The sweet smell that wafts through the air in February and March can be attributed to only a few plants, one of them being Daphne. An old garden favorite ...


Daphne odora 'Marginata' | Fine Gardening

Propagation: Sow seed in containers in a cold frame when they are ripe. Take softwood cuttings in early and mid-summer, or take semi-ripe and evergreen cuttings in ...


Problems of Daphne - Yardener

Problems of Daphne: Yardener.com ... Want To Help Us? 1) ... Control mealybugs by spraying them with an alcohol-insecticidal soap spray every 2 to 3 days until the ...


How to grow Daphne odora | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Daphne odora has been aptly called a Siren of the plant world. Like the Sirens of Greek mythology who used music and song to lure sailors to their island where the ...


Daphne Shrubs - Characteristics, Care, Classification, Image

Daphne shrubs are plants that bear fragrant flowers. Carol Mackie plants have white to light pink blossoms and variegated foliage.


Daphne Odora varieties and images - County Line Nursery

Foreword: " Daphne odora is a compact, broad leaf evergreen shrub that offers early color and fragrance not available from any other plant. It is a great addition to ...


Daphne Plant | Gardening Central

Daphne Plant. All About the Daphne Plant. The Daphne plant is a divine little addition to your garden that is sure to produce a delightful aroma.


Daphne, How to grow and care for Rose Daphne and Winter ...

Daphne Daphne plants tend to be very tempermental about regular watering in warm climates. Most Daphnes are best suited for growing in the Pacific Northwest.


Variegated Winter Daphne - Monrovia Nursery

Monrovia's Variegated Winter Daphne details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.


Daphne Plant Care – How To Get Winter Daphnes To Bloom

Growing Winter Daphne. Daphne plant care involves growing daphne plants in well-draining soils. Root rots associated with soggy and poorly draining soil are often the ...


How to Plant Daphne | Garden Guides

How to Plant Daphne. Daphnes are often dismissed as old fashioned garden plants but these charming plants bring fragrance and color to the garden when most plants are ...


How Do I Take Care of a Daphne Plant? | eHow

A daphne plant (Daphne spp.) adds to the excitement of early spring with showy, fragrant flowers perfuming the air and stirring enthusiasm for the upcoming ...


How Do I Take Care of a Daphne Plant? | Garden Guides

How Do I Take Care of a Daphne Plant?. Daphne plants are deciduous, evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs native to areas of Europe, Asia and northern Africa.


Genus Daphne Cultivation: Plant&Care, Propagation, Pests ...

Daphne mezereum, Daphne jezoensis, and Daphne odora are susceptible to virus infection. In the commercial propagation in Asia and the U.S. this problem is known.


Daphne plant care - UBC Botanical Garden Forums

Hi DeeAnn, Do you know what type of daphne it is? Different species have varying hardiness. Daphne odora, one of the more commonly found species, is hardy in USDA ...


Daphne odora: How to grow - Telegraph.co.uk

Daphne odora is an un-showy member of an illustrious family, some of whose members are evergreen, others deciduous, many of them from south-eastern ...


Gardening Australia - Fact Sheet: Daphne Care

Presenter: Jane Edmanson, 14/07/2007. In the cooler parts of Southern Australia, Daphne odora is a plant that captures the imagination of gardeners because of its ...


Monrovia: Eternal Fragrance Daphne

Monrovia's Eternal Fragrance Daphne details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.


Daphne odora ( Variegata Winter Daphne )

Learn about Daphne odora ( Variegata Winter Daphne ) and see photos with detailed growing and plant information. Could Daphne odora ( Variegata Winter Daphne ) be the ...


Daphne Carol Mackie -- Bluestone Perennials

Daphne Carol Mackie - Common name: - Tricky to propagate, but easy to grow - we can only offer this garden beauty occasionally. Garland flowers are prized for their ...


Daphne × transatlantica 'Blafra' ETERNAL FRAGRANCE - Plant ...

Daphne × transatlantica 'Blafra' ETERNAL FRAGRANCE . Back to Previous Page. Be the first to comment on this plant. Common Name: daphne


Sedum sieboldii | Fine Gardening

October Daphne Sedum sieboldii. Genus: Sedum Care: Provide moderately fertile, well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil in full sun. ...


How to Fertilize Daphne | Home Guides | SF Gate

Daphnes (Daphne spp.) are evergreen or deciduous shrubs prized for the attractive, fragrant blooms they produce in winter or spring and sometimes for their foliage.


Daphne Plants | Varieties and Care - Nurseries Online UK

Daphne. A gardener's delight, Daphne plants with their fragrant flowers make them a popular, winter flowering, small shrub in the UK. Daphne species and varieties ...


Winter daphne Plant Care & Growing Information | Folia

Winter daphne is part of the Daphne genus and its scientific name is Daphne odora. Winter daphne grows as an evergreen and is a flower / ornamental.

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