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CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles

When Christ's words are addressed to all the Apostles, Peter answers in their name ... after He had spoken of the mystery of the reception of His Body and Blood ...


St. Peter, First Pope - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

Simon Peter or Cephas, the first pope, Prince of the Apostles, and founder, with St. Paul, of the see of Rome. Peter was a native of Bethsaida, near Lake Tiberias ...


St. Peter Claver - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

Large searchable database of information on Catholic saints. Saints, Catholic Saints. Thousands of Catholic Saints with biographical data, prayers, images, etc. The ...



Fast, concise facts and information about Saint Peter The following provides fast and concise facts and information: The patron of Fishermen Born: Bethsaida, near the ...


St. Patrick was never canonized a saint by the Catholic ...

While millions around the world will celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th, the sad fact is that Patrick has never been canonized by the Catholic Church and is a ...


Why was St. Peter canonized? - Answers.com

St. Peter, the apostle, was not canonized. He was proclaimed a saint by early Christians because of his martyrdom by crucifixion about the year 64 AD.


Chapter 17: The Canonization by Peter

The biblical evidence points solidly to the apostles themselves as the ones who canonized the New Testament books.


When was St. Peter canonized? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: Early saints were not formally canonised. There was a consensus that certain Christians qualified as holy (saint just = holy, from Latin ...


Why Was Saint Peter Canonized : Articles from Catholic Blogs

Information about 'Why Was Saint Peter Canonized' gathered from 12 articles in Catholic Blogs.


Canonization of St Peter : Articles from Catholic Blogs

Information about 'Canonization Of St Peter' gathered from 9 articles in Catholic Blogs.


Saint Peter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saint Peter (died c. 64 AD), also known as Simon Peter, Simeon, or Simōn, according to the New Testament, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, leaders of ...


CatholicSaints.Info » Blog Archive » Saint Peter the Apostle

Readings. Out of the whole world one man, Peter, is chosen to preside at the of all nations and to be set over all the apostles and all the fathers of the church.


Saint Peter - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saint Peter was the first leader of an early Christian community for at least 34 years. At that time the word Pope or "Papa" was not used to name the leader of the ...


What was st. peters canonization date? - WebAnswers.com

Which St. Peter? The apostle? The canonization process prior to the 12th century was done by the acclamation of the entire Church. St. Peter was canonized by the ...


List of saints canonized by Pope Pius XII - Wikipedia, the ...

Pope Pius XII (1939–1958) canonized numerous saints, including Pope Pius X and Maria Goretti. He beatified Pope Innocent XI. Contents 1 The Saints 1.1 Pius X 1.2 ...


Vatican To Live Stream Canonization Of Popes John Paul II ...

VATICAN CITY (RNS) While millions of pilgrims are expected to attend the Catholic Church’s first-ever double canonization at the end of April, the ...


How was St. Peter canonized? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: Since it is churches who canonize Sts., the Church must know. In the early church canonization was almost exclusively limited to martyrs ...


When and why was St. Peter canonized | ChaCha

When and why was St. Peter canonized? ChaCha Answer: St. Peter was canonized for being crucified by Rome for preaching. Official sain...


When was st.peter canonized on? - Religion Answers

Welcome to Religion Answers. What would you like to know? When was st.peter canonized on? 65,151 pages on this wiki

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